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If you’re curious about how Creasonate Media can assist your business and Brand, our comprehensive list of services includes everything you need. From strategic guidance and consulting to creative photography/filming content creation, to the post processing and editing, we have the expertise to support your goals and help your business thrive.

Photography, Filming, and Editing:

Social Media Contents

Social media photo and video contents are essential for businesses and online coaches as it captures attention, tells compelling stories, increases reach and engagement, demonstrates products or coaching techniques, humanizes the brand, provides social proof, and has the potential to go viral.
By leveraging visually appealing content, businesses and coaches can effectively communicate their message, build credibility, engage with their audience, and drive growth in the digital landscape of social media platforms. At Creasonate, we offer our services for the following.

  • Instagram Reels Creation
  • Videos for Lead Generation
  • Video sales letter (VSL)
  • Onboarding Vidoes and Member’s Lab Contents
  • Instructional and Demo Videos,
    Social Media Ads and Promo Videos
  • Event Highlights
  • Youtube Videos
  • Video Podcasts repurposing in short form for social media.

Social Media Contents

Corporate Events

It allows for capturing and preserving key moments, documenting the event’s highlights, and showcasing the professionalism and success of the company. Photos and videos serve as visual evidence of the event, enabling companies to share the experience with a wider audience, including stakeholders, clients, and employees who couldn’t attend in person.

These visual assets can be used for promotional purposes, social media marketing, internal communication, and future event planning. They provide a tangible record of the event’s achievements, networking opportunities, and valuable interactions, contributing to the company’s brand image and reputation. At Creasonate, we offer our services for the following. 

  • Trade Shows, Conferences & Seminars
  • Company Team Building
  • Retreat and Fitness Community events, etc.
  • Hotels internal conferences, and Private Events
  • Ground Breakings Ceremony
  • Product Launch and Opening
  • Company Profile Videos and Team Headshots Photos
  • Company Stock Photos for Documentation, Website and Marketing Collateral

Corporate events

Interiors and Real Estate

Photo and video content are essential for interiors and architecture companies as they visually showcase their design expertise, craftsmanship, and portfolio of projects. High-quality photos and videos enable potential clients to experience the beauty, functionality, and unique elements of interior spaces and architectural details.

When it comes to showcasing properties for Real Estate Companies Photo and video content is vital for real estate companies as it visually captures properties, attracts potential buyers, and enhances marketing efforts by showcasing the unique features and appeal of listings. At Creasonate, we offer our services for the following.

  • Interior for Marketing/Portfolio/Showcase of Architectural Firms
  • Hotels & Commercial Establishments
  • Real Estate Photo and video for CRM listings and Marketing Collateral

Interiors and Real Estate

Podcast Videos

Video podcasting is increasingly important for businesses and coaches as it allows them to connect with their audience in a more engaging and immersive way.

It offers a dynamic and engaging platform for sharing knowledge, insights, and stories. Video podcasts enhance brand visibility, foster deeper connections with the audience, and provide a versatile content format for wider distribution and audience reach.

  • Onsite Video Podcast Recording up to 3 Camera Angles. We can set-up at your own place to customize your brand and style with full equipment provided by Creasonate Media.

Podcast Videos

Fitness & Lifestyle

Fitness and lifestyle photos and videos are crucial for businesses and coaches as they visually showcase their expertise, inspire and motivate clients, and build credibility. Engaging visual content highlights the benefits of fitness and lifestyle practices, attracts potential clients, and establishes a strong online presence, leading to increased brand awareness and client engagement. At Creasonate, we offer our services for the following.

  • Fitness Photoshoots
  • Workout Videos for websites and member’s lab.
  • Fitness and Nutrition Reels and Talking head videos for Fitness coaches.
  • Personal Training Videos
  • Fitness Event Coverage
  • Transformation Stories Videos and Testimonials
  • Lifestyle Contents for Personal Branding.
  • Behind-the-scenes Photos and Videos
  • Story Telling Videos

Fitness & Lifestyle

Video Editing and Motion graphics

Video editing and motion graphics are critical for businesses and coaches in building a strong brand presence. They enable the creation of visually compelling and professional videos that align with the brand’s identity, captivate the audience, and leave a lasting impression.

These techniques enhance storytelling, engage viewers, and elevate the overall branding efforts, setting businesses and coaches apart from the competition. At Creasonate, we offer our services for the following.

  • Videos Reels editing, Animated Subtitles and Captioning, Transitions and Montages
  • Custom Branding, Video End Cards and Animated CTAs
  • Sound Effects Audio Enhancement, and Color Grading
  • Video Content Repurposing, Video Optimization for Different flatform and Formats
  • YouTube Video Editing
  • Corporate and Informative or Instructional Video Editing
  • Medical and Demo Video Editing

Video Editing and Motiongraphics